Joanne Naegele

Joanne Naegele

Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist and Consultant in private practice in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Professional activities include teaching, consulting & supervising.

I offer an emotionally engaged psychoanalytic approach. I am reliable, ethical and experienced. I like challenges. You can count on confidentiality.

I work in 1-1 therapy with adults, adolescents and children who wish to understand themselves better. I specialize in psychoanalysis. Emotional issues can show up in many ways: unhappiness in relationships, work inhibitions, unrelenting anxiety, depression or anger, which does not seem to make sense. All may give a person a feeling of being stuck.

With children, knowing your child is bright but not doing well in school, or is having trouble making friends or navigating a transition be it to first grade or into high school, these can be motivating forces to seek help. Feeling helpless to change or wishing for more self-mastery often brings people into therapy. For both adults and children things may have happened that are difficult to master — losses, illnesses, adoption, death of a loved one.

Through an engaged psychoanalytic approach be it a consultation, evaluation, a twice/week psychotherapy or a more intensive psychoanalysis, I work with patients and their families to be in touch with inner conflicts, unconscious wishes and worries. Through a therapeutic relationship and a developmental approach, pieces of the puzzle can be put together. Deeper self awareness can allow more emotional freedom. Patients find themselves able to make lasting changes and feel better about themselves. This approach is insight-oriented. It takes time and is worth it.

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